The Missoulian Endorses Denise Juneau For Congress

By November 2, 2016 News No Comments

becerraphotography-33The Missoulian’s editorial board has decisively endorsed Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau for Montana’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Missoulian writes Juneau will stand out and provide a “much-needed spotlight to Montana.”

“Juneau has fought against federal policies that don’t fit Montana’s educational needs, such as No Child Left Behind, while also advocating for expanded college and career readiness opportunities.

“She has also demonstrated thoughtful decision-making on Montana’s five-member Land Board, breaking from other Democrats on the board at times in order to ensure state lands remain protected in the future, while also giving the go-ahead for timber projects and additional public lands access.

“That’s the kind of approach that just might get things done in Congress. If she uses her demonstrated skills to work across ideological divides, she might even be able to use her high profile to break through the gridlock.”

Meanwhile, the Missoulian called Congressman Ryan Zinke’s unyielding support for Donald Trump “troubling,” and writes that Zinke is too focused on his own career.

“If Montanans send Juneau to D.C., she needs to be all about Montana, not about herself. And if she needs a reminder of what not to do on that score, she need only look at her predecessor.

“The plain truth is that Zinke has not been a particularly effective leader in the House, despite belonging to the majority party. He has not stood out from the crowd – except when trying to advance his own career. And in these attempts, he has seemed only too willing to leave Montana behind.”

“Montanans need a strong voice in the U.S. House who is focused on serving her constituents,” the Missoulian writes. “Let’s see what Denise Juneau can do for Montana – for our economy, our public lands and our access to health care – as our U.S. representative.”

Juneau has been endorsed by three major Montana papers, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the Montana Standard, and the Missoulian.

Read the Missoulians full endorsement, HERE.