Juneau Now Leads Zinke In Cash On Hand

By October 28, 2016 News No Comments

oct-financeDenise Juneau raised more money than Congressman Zinke in October and now has more cash on hand.

According to the latest FEC filings yesterday, Juneau raised $319,143 to Congressman Zinke’s $258,657. She also has more than $490,000 on hand, while Congressman Zinke has $399,000.

Juneau raised 69 percent of her individual contributions from Montana. Congressman Zinke raised only 5 percent from Montana, continuing his trend of seeking most of his support from outside of Montana.

“Denise Juneau continues to receive more support from Montanans instead of out-of-state special interests,” said Denise Juneau’s campaign manager Lauren Caldwell.  “She’s now raised way more than any Democrat ever to run for this seat, and she’s well-suited to share her message and get out the vote the last week of the campaign.”