Fact or Fiction? Congressman Zinke Spins The Truth On Public Lands Vote

By June 22, 2016 News No Comments

Ryan Zinke ScreengrabLast week, Washington, D.C. Congressman Ryan Zinke took a vote against our public lands, and ever since then he’s been trying to trick Montana voters into thinking he won’t actually sell or transfer our land.

The facts simply don’t line up with Congressman Zinke’s rhetoric.

FICTION: “I never have, and never will, sell your public land,” Congressman Zinke’s recent op-ed boasted.

FACT:  Congressman Zinke supported a budget, which would have sold off our public lands in order to pay down the national debt. [Billings Gazette, 4/25/14United States Government Publishing Office]

FICTION: Congressman Zinke wrote, “I do not support selling and transferring ownership of Montana’s public land.” 

FACT: Congressman Zinke voted for the Self-Sufficient Community Lands Act (H.R. 2316) which would transfer public lands management authority to a governor-appointed advisory council, and would transfer up to 200,000 acres per national forest. Montana has about 2 million acres of land eligible for transfer under this proposal. [House Committee on Natural Resources, 6/15/16]

FICTION: Congressman Zinke recently said, “The solution is not getting rid of our public land; it’s getting more state and local stakeholders involved.”

FACT: This is thinly-veiled code to transfer our public lands. Congressman Zinke has supported a platform, which includes a resolution to sell off our public lands. [Great Falls Tribune, 10/7/14]

The Billings Gazette is calling on Congressman Zinke to step up and match his rhetoric to his actions.

“Zinke has called himself a Theodore Roosevelt Republican. To legitimately make that claim, he must be consistent in his support for public access and unwavering in opposition to legislation that diminishes the public’s opportunity to use its lands,” the Gazette writes.

Sportsmen and conservation groups opposed to the Self-Sufficient Community Lands Act: