Economic Policy Priorities

Denise Juneau supports an economy that works for all families, especially the middle class. Denise will fight for policies that help working families better make ends meet. That includes supporting affordable child care, access to paid family leave, and improved access to college and workforce training.

Denise Juneau household economics

Child Care

Help working families afford quality child care. Today, too many families are struggling to afford quality child care. Denise will advocate for:

  • Expanding the child and dependent care credit to help offset child care expenses for middle-class families;
  • Fully funding child care subsidies critical for working Montana families; and
  • Targeted investments in quality preschool programs.

 Paid Family Leave

Help businesses provide paid leave for workers and their families. No family should have to choose between caring for a seriously ill loved one or making a living. Denise will support:

  • Providing workers access to accrued sick days

 College Affordability

Support families facing student loan debt. Montana families continue to face the increasing burdens of student loan debt, which reduces families’ ability to spend their earnings in their local economy and save for homeownership, retirement, and their children’s future. Denise will support efforts to:

  • Expand and streamline the income-based repayment program, to protect Montana families facing burdensome levels of loan payments.
  • Create a tax incentive for businesses that help their employees pay off their student loans.

Tax Credits

Expand the successful Earned Income Tax Credit to help young working adults. Denise will support the bipartisan effort to:

  • Expand eligibility for EITC to those above the age of 21; and
  • Expand the credit amount for workers without children.

Denise Juneau jobsWages

Raise the federal minimum wage. Denise will support:

  • Gradually raising the federal minimum wage and then indexing the wage to inflation.

 Equal Pay for Equal Work

Prioritize ending pay discrimination to help hard-working families get ahead. Denise will support:

  • The Paycheck Fairness Act, which updates the Equal Pay Act by strengthening penalties for equal pay violations, prohibiting retaliation against workers, and requiring employers to show that wage differences are based on factors other than gender. [S.84]
  • The Fair Pay Act “seeks to end wage discrimination against those who work in female- or minority- dominated jobs by establishing equal pay for equivalent work; it prohibits wage discrimination based on sex, race, or national origin. The Fair Pay Act makes exceptions for different wages based on seniority, merit, or quantity/quality of work and contains an exemption for small businesses.” [National Council for Research on Women] [HR 438]