Denise Juneau Kicks Off Hunting Season With Support For Second Amendment, Public Lands

By October 22, 2016 News No Comments
Sportsmen's Alliance

The Montana Sportsmen’s Alliance joins Denise Juneau in signing a pledge to protect our public lands.

Standing alongside hunters and sportsmen, Denise Juneau kicked off this year’s hunting season by publicly pledging to never sell off Montana’s favorite hunting spots.

Juneau, an outdoorswoman, reiterated her support for the Second Amendment stating she will protect Montanans’ right to bear arms and stand up for hunters in Congress.

“As your next Congresswoman, I will ensure that future generations can hunt, fish, and access Montana’s public lands,” said Juneau. “These special places help drive our economy and create good-paying jobs all across the state, and that’s why I will never vote to sell off our public lands.”

Members of the Montana Sportsmen Alliance joined Juneau in signing a pledge stating 100-percent opposition to transferring and selling America’s public lands.

“Our great outdoor legacy is at risk,” said Jeff Herbert with the Montana Sportsmen Alliance. “We need Denise Juneau in Congress as an ardent and articulate advocate for Montana and the conservation values we hold dear. Denise has demostrated time and again her understanding of Montana.”

As a member of the Montana Land Board, Juneau has voted to increase public access to public land and helped generate more than $515 million for public schools and universities.

Montanans can sign Juneau’s pro-public lands pledge HERE and see her public lands platform HERE.