Congressman Zinke Asks His D.C. Bosses How To Feel About Trump’s Disgusting Comments

By October 9, 2016 News No Comments

Congressman Zinke, someone who has staked his entire campaign on being a “leader”, admitted yesterday to a reporter that he has to ask his DC party bosses how he should feel about Trump’s comments about sexually assaulting women before commenting to Montanans on his ongoing endorsement of Trump.

Montana Public Radio’s Sally Mauk caught up to Congressman Zinke at Missoula’s airport on Saturday to ask him what he thought of Trump’s comments. What he said was shocking.

I want to confer to the leadership,” Congressman Zinke said.

The current list of Republicans abandoning Trump after his comments is HERE and it’s GROWING. But nowhere on that list will you see Congressman Zinke’s name.

“Congressman Zinke’s inaction says one thing: he cares more about his political future than he does about putting Montanans first,” Denise Juneau said. “If Congressman Zinke can’t think for himself, how can we trust him to be an independent leader on the other issues that Montanans care about?”