BREAKING: Congressman Zinke Earns ‘F’ For Voting Record On National Parks

By September 28, 2016 News No Comments

Congressman Ryan ZinkeCongressman Zinke earned an F for abandoning national parks and Montana’s way of life once again.

The National Parks Action Fund, an affiliate of the National Parks Conservation Association, today released grades for all members of Congress based on their record of supporting America’s national parks.

Congressman Zinke earned a dismal 9% rating (an F grade) for his votes on 11 different bills, including protections for wildlife, land and water quality.

According to the National Park Action Fund, “It’s easy for members of Congress to say they love national parks, particularly those in or near their own districts and states, but the decisions lawmakers make in Washington have profound effects—both directly and indirectly—on all national parks. Ultimately, when it comes to their work in Washington, does a member’s rhetoric match their record?”

“Congressman Zinke likes to call himself a Teddy Roosevelt Republican, but President Roosevelt would be appalled at the Congressman’s voting record when it comes to supporting our national parks,” said Lauren Caldwell, campaign manager for Denise Juneau for Congress. “It’s time for Montanans to elect a Congresswoman who will actually vote to protect Montana’s cherished outdoor places, including our national parks.”

According to Headwaters Economics, visitors to Montana’s national parks spent over $478 million in 2015.

Congressman Zinke also recently voted to slash funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund that has helped expand public access for over half a century.