Is Congressman Zinke Benefiting From A Ponzi Scheme Donor?

By September 26, 2016 News No Comments

Congressman Ryan Zinke and his Super PAC have close ties to a Bigfork man under investigation for defrauding dozens of investors through a Ponzi scheme.


The Missoulian reported on Friday that Kevin Moore of Bigfork is being investigated for creating a Ponzi scheme to pay out investors he convinced to buy oil leases from himself.

According to that same report, Moore has donated up to $6,000 to Congressman Zinke’s campaigns.  Congressman Zinke’s Super PAC also has close ties to a non-profit that Moore runs.

“Montanans deserve to know the extent of Congressman Zinke’s relationship with convicted felon Kevin Moore and whether Moore donated money to the Congressman that he cheated from Montana citizens,” said Les Braswell, communications director for Denise Juneau for Congress.  “Once again, Congressman Zinke shows that he’ll pal around with anyone to advance his political career. Montanans want a leader who will put the state’s people, land and economy first.”

Moore has been convicted of defrauding someone out of $75,000 in a gold coin scheme and committing mail fraud.